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2015 Dr Burklin Wolf Ruppertsberger Hoheburg PC

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The Bürklin-Wolf estate is based in the Mittelhaardt, the quality core of Germany’s world-renowned Pfalz, around the towns of Wachenheim, Forst, Deidesheim and Ruppertsberg. Here with 85ha under vine they have the largest family owned wine estate in all of Germany originating in 1597, with a treasure-trove of superb vineyards, at the centre of which lies the great Kirchenstück. Here in the tiny village of Forst, Kirchenstück and its neighbours Jesuitengarten, Ungeheuer and Pechstein, have for centuries been recognised as producing not only some of the world’s greatest dry Rieslings, but simply some of the world’s greatest wines. In the nineteenth century, prices for these wines exceeded the prices paid for 1st Growth Bordeaux and Grand Cru Burgundy.Hoheburg is a top-vineyard in the village of Ruppertsberg, located in the centre of Mittelhaardt. The total area of the vineyard is 20 hectares, of which Bürklin-Wolf's parcel is 8.3 hectares. The white sandstone heat up during the day and gives off heat to the vines after sunset, which helps to produce perfectly ripe grapes. Like neighbouring Gaisböhl, Hoheburg has powerful but soft fruit, as well as deep minerality and crisp acidity.

Region - Germany

Type - White

Year - 2015

Winery - Best of Germany

Grape - Riesling

Volume - Standard - 750ml

About the wine

Tasting notes

Dry Riesling from the top vineyard in Ruppertsberg! Powerful wine with mouth-filling juiciness and ripe acidity make this dry Pfalz Riesling very easy to enjoy. A high-end no-brainer that should appeal to everyone who likes dry white wine. Moderate acidity and a round yet very clean finish.

Wine descriptors

Captivating and Complex, Elegant and Fine, Juicy and Fruity, Smooth and Seductive

Fruit aromas & flavour

Apples and Pear, Citrus

Other aromas & flavour

Florals, Minerality, Spices

Body type




Food pairings





Red Meat







Spicy Foods

Cured Meats


The Grape


A very special white grape variety that makes aromatic, age worthy and incredibly fine wines that are loved by wine connoisseurs the world over. Made most famous for the exceptional expressions that come out of Germany, Riesling epitomises white wine of elegance, finesse and complexity. From bone dry to intensely sweet, there's a broad spectrum of expressions ranging from lean and crisp flavours of lime, green apple, pear, jasmine and chalky minerality, to richly flavoured and highly perfumed expressions with Thai basil, saffron, ginger, papaya, nutmeg and honey. Incredible wines and alway good value!

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