Piccadilly Valley

The Valley runs from Stirling in the South to Ashton in the North. The Valley bed sits at just over 400m altitude and the highest hill is Mount Lofty at 727m. The vineyards are situated at altitudes of 450m – 600m, and are on small internal undulations, with slopes from 10°C to 20°C that give aspects to many points of the compass. The amount of heat received by a site is very orientation dependent. The geology of the Piccadilly Valley consists of pre-cambrian sediments ranging from 1,600 million years-old calcsilicates to 700 million years-old phyllites, shales, sandstones and quartz-rich strata. The soils are podsolised duplex, sandy to clay loams and the geology is from either Woolshed Flat Shale, Basket Range Sandstone or Barossa Complex. It is interesting to note that the development of Australian sparkling wine production following the Traditional method used in Champagne started simultaneously in the Piccadilly Valley and in Tasmania.



Terre à Terre

Exceptional wines for those that understand greatness.Terre à Terre/Daosa wines are run by powerful couple Xavier Bizot and Lucy Croser.We manage the Crayères Vineyard ourselves and retain all the fruit every year for our own wines. The close spaced (1.5m x 1.5m) Crayères Vineyard is cane pruned (Guyot Double), and is pruned by hand. The rocky soils of the Crayères Vineyard do not allow us to control undervine weed growth mechanically. We limit the use of chemicals sprays to sulphur and copper and some preventive fungal sprays. We manually manage trellis and shoot growth during the growing season to optimise sunshine in the canopy, and we also control yields with manual bunch thinning when required. All of our fruit is handpicked and delivered to the Tiers winery in the Piccadilly Valley for processing. Our precision in the management of the Crayères Vineyard, combined with our 18 years of experience with the ecosystem of this very unique vineyard allows us to produce exceptional fruit.We now have over 12 years of experimenting with the fruit from our Crayères Vineyard and have determined that the best wine styles for the vineyard are:Our barrel aged and textural Sauvignon Blanc, harvested late, which is reminiscent of some of the best white Bordeaux.Our Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc-based Shiraz blends, which follow the long tradition of blending Shiraz and Cabernet in South Australia to make some of the best fine wines Australia can produce.

Piccadilly Valley, Australia