The New Vinitas from Coravin turns 1 bottle of wine into 7!

By Marc Malouf - Wine Worth Writing About

If you’re a wine geek like me, the mere mention of the word Coravin makes the mind giddy with the endless possibilities of what fine wine could end up in your glass at any occasion, anytime or anywhere...guilt free. If you’re not a wine geek and don’t understand what i’m talking about, then let me blow your mind a little.

Coravin is the world’s leading manufacturer of wine preservation systems. Their rise to fame came from a handheld device that allows you to pour a glass of wine, from your favourite bottle, without needing to open it. This is achieved by the ingenious use of a two way needle, argon gas and meticulous engineering to ensure wine can be extracted from a bottle without any transfer of oxygen into the bottle.

I was lucky to be invited to the unveiling of the latest product from Coravin, along with the "who's who" of the Sydney wine scene, and it's fair to say we were all blown away by this game changer. It’s called the Vinitas and it’s a machine that fractionalises any bottle of wine, or alcohol for that matter, into smaller bottles that have shelf lives of up to a year...maybe longer.

One can only imagine the potential for this machine. Off the top of my head, it could be used to send fractionalised samples from tank/barrel to winemakers anywhere in the world, or it could be used to make cheeky 100mL bottles of Lafite at a fraction of the price…but my mind automatically goes to the independent wineries who can offer wine tasting flights to new customers for the cost of a single bottle. Perfect for iHeartWine too 😉

The Vinitas is still in its infancy, but the impact it's leaving on the wine industry is already great enough to change the way we think about wine being sold on a global scale. With the potential to bring every bottle on Earth within arms reach of anyone, no matter the rarity or cost, the outcome can only be positive and I'm excited to see this incredible invention in our wonderful world of wine ❤️