McLaren Vale Willunga South Australia 5172 Australia

Marius Wines

Marius is located in the McLaren Vale in South Australia and belongs to legendary winemaker Roger Pike. The wines of Marius gained a cult following from the likes of wine critics, sommeliers and very astute wine connoisseurs for their emphasis of place, the soils, the terroir and the vineyards resulting in expressions of Shiraz and Mourvèdre unlike any other in the country. They are fine, elegant, but powerful and dense in fruit with a line of minerality that defines them. In 2019, Roger closed down his winery and produced the last wines, making this small parcel available on iHeartWine even more special to those that know his wines. Still to today, the wines from Marius ring true to their maker's vision and they have remained some of the most sought after shiraz in the country.

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Marius Wines

McLaren Vale
Willunga, 5172
South Australia