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I'm Marc, and this is my store. I've had a passion for music, food and wine since as long as I can remember and iHeartWine has become a beautiful way to share my passion and excitement for incredible discoveries from across the world with real winelovers who appreciate great wine. I'm always here to chat and offer any advice, so get in touch at

Like many a wine lover, I started learning about wine from a point of fascination and intrigue. A musician/session guitarist by trade, I accidentally became a wine writer when my passion for wine grew so much that I created an Instagram Blog called Wine Worth Writing About.

Slightly perplexed that anyone was reading my posts, I kept going and things organically grew. Within the first year of its life, Wine Worth Writing About became a business and I found myself writing reviews, criticing and providing feedback for winemakers and distributors from across Australia, and even overseas.

Since 2018, I devoted myself to learn as much as I can about the wine industry, in the pursuit to be a positive contributor to it, and get an answer for a burning question "...what makes a great wine great?" With the help of some fantastic mentors, generous friends and passionate winemakers, I've been able to find many answers and have chosen to pursue a path to uncover beautiful wines of balance, complexity, purity and finesse that are truly worth discovering.

iHeartWine is the gateway to share the greatest bottles of wines i've come across with the hope that I can inspire Aussie wine lovers to drink better wines from winemakers who truly care.

There's no denying, alcohol consumption is not a good thing for our health, so if we are going to choose to drink wine let's do it responsibly, thoughtfully and choose to drink better every time.

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