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The home for real wine lovers who like to drink the good stuff...

The home for the real wine lovers

iHeartWine is the store for wine lovers who are looking for quality, value for money and greatness from bottles of wine. We only stock wines we want to drink ourselves and hand pick the best expressions from Australia and the world that meet our high standards. We’re entirely online, sell direct on behalf of independent Australian wineries and have our own Private Cellar that is full of rare and collectible wines that you wont find anywhere else.

Why we do what we do

iHeartWine was created to give talented and independent winemakers an honest marketplace to sell their handmade treasures directly to those wine lovers who are looking for more in their wine.

iHeartWine handpicks the best wines from independent producers with quality being the most important criteria for selection. We stand by every bottle we list and only stock wines that we would want to drink ourselves! 

The best part is, when you buy directly through iHeartWine, the winery earns up to 90% from every single sale (unlike 20-40% through other retailers) without costing you a cent more! It's easy to imagine how important this is for not only the winemakers, but their family, their region and community. Simply choosing to shop with iHeartWine, ensures great wineries are paid what they deserve and can continue making exceptional wines into the future.

Most people don’t realise the majority of wines sold at local chain stores come from big corporate enterprises, not independent wineries. In fact, most of those wines are made and owned by the same corporations who own the store itself. The wine is made in bulk, for mass consumption, by machines and offers very little value or quality to the consumer. 90% of the wine sold every day in Australia comes from these corporate megaliths who are doing nothing to give back to the community.

There’s no time like the present for us wine lovers to think about what we put into our bodies and make a conscious effort to not only support our local independent wineries, but drink better wine. Choose the good stuff, made by hand, with love, passion, attention to detail and with respect for the environment and the consumer. This is what iHeartWine is all about: better wines, better value, better wineries for the betterment of us all. 

We give you exclusive access to Australia’s best independent vineyards by letting you buy straight from the cellar door. As well as our Australian wines, our carefully curated Private Cellar is stocked with the latest and greatest wines from around the world.

With a few clicks of the mouse, you can buy directly from vineyards across Australia, the world, and our private cellar. Peruse iHeart Wine for your favourite drops or, if you’re feeling adventurous, pick something new. Because you’re buying directly from the cellar door, you may have to complete multiple checkouts. We know this isn’t what you’re used to, but we do this to keep costs down, so you’re paying for the bottle, not the overhead. 

Happy shopping! Here’s to you finding your next favourite wine…well, at least until the next time you visit iHeartWine!

Viva la Vino!

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