Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy through iHeartWine?
Simple! Better wines, more choice, incredible value and greater returns to those that make the wine. iHeartwine champions direct sales for the best independent wineries in Australia and gives up to 90% from each sale straight back to the winery, compared to 30-40% through other retailers. We love supporting great independent winemakers and sleep easy knowing that our customers are drinking better wines, every time, while our wineries earn more through iHeartWine than any other shop in Australia.
How do I buy directly from an independent Australian winery on iHeartWine?
Easy, just choose Australian wines in our shop! All wines that are not a part of our Private Cellar are sold on behalf of Australian independent wineries where each sale goes directly to the winery, where they earn up to 90% of the sale. When you place an order with an independent winery, they pack and ship the wines directly from their cellar doors to yours, unlike any other store in Australia! That’s right, no other shop in Australia sells directly from the winery to you!
Shipping with iheartwine?
When you purchase from multiple wineries, your order will be separated into individual wineries and will be shipped directly by each winery you made your purchase with. Our wineries will have different shipping requirements, and fee structures, made available on the winery pages as well as at the checkout. All Private Cellar purchases will be shipped as one pack, from our own storage facility and will be bundled together.
Multiple orders and mixed packs
When you choose multiple wines, from multiple wineries on iHeartWine, you will receive each bottle at different points in time. This is due to the direct nature of sales, where each wine is listed by an individual winery and at no point are the wines from multiple wineries collected and packed together before delivery. Every bottle will be shipped directly from the cellar door of the winery you purchased from. For all Private Cellar purchases, you can mix and match cases, as those wines are all stored together and will be delivered as one.
How long will it take for my wine to be delivered?
Depending on your location, a delivery of wine can be as quick as 1 day…or less! If you live outside metro areas, or are in locations that require a more time for deliveries, you can expect a time frame of 3-7days
What happens if I’m not happy with my purchase?
If, for any reason, you are unhappy with the wines you purchased, get in touch with us at iHeartWine and we will gladly work through a resolution to ensure you’re smiling again. Drinking better wines is what we’re all about and if we can help you do this, then it’s a WINE-WIN!
Questions, queries, help and advice
If you have any further questions, need help choosing something special or are after more information on something, feel free to get in touch with us…we love a good chat!
Why are there no scores on any of the wines?
We actually don't believe in scores! Although the wines listed on iHeartWine are some of the greatest in the world, with some receiving 100pts from critics, we'd prefer to leave the scoring up to you winelovers out there. You know a good wine from an avergae wine, so take the iHeartWine challenge and taste the scores needed.

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