5 Tips for Gifting Wine

By Marc Malouf - @WineWorthWritingAbout

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, a special occasion or even a casual get together with wine loving friends, gifting the right bottle of wine can bring so much joy, pleasure and excitement to those receiving it...and those giving it.

There are some important things to keep in mind before you get shopping and that's to know what  and who you are shopping for.

When you know the what's and who's, the impact from your gift of wine can be magical.

Here are our top 5 tips to make sure you choose right every time

  1. Less is more! Don’t go crazy and buy a case of wine. It can be a little overwhelming to the receiver. Instead, choose a single bottle, or two, of something special and keep it simple.

  1. Be thoughtful! Know who you’re buying for, and what occassion it is, and buy wines that you know they’ll love. Pay attention and try to think about what types of wines they usually have opened at their place when you visit, or what they usually order when you go out to dinner. By just listening and observing, you can narrow down your choices from hundreds of wines to just a handful of styles you know will be appreciated by the receiver.

  1. Be inspiring! Once you've narrowed the choices down, aim to find something that will inspire the receiver. Look for a wine that is not so common and may not be found at a local bottle shop. Something international tends to bring excitement and intrigue to the table. iHeartWine prides itself on stocking unique and rare wines from independent wineries, all over the world, so you have a heap of inspiring choices at your fingertips and at any price point.

  1. Be generous! Always shop within your means, but do your best to get your hands on something special and spoil your loved ones. A great bottle of wine will always leave a great impression and can offer an unforgettable experience for a real wine lover. A good rule of thumb is that if a bottle costs more than $60, it will cellar well and when you gift age-worthy wines they become something that will be cherished and become a special occasion in itself.

  1. When in doubt, buy Champagne! Champagne is the ultimate celebration wine and it’s never a bad idea to gift a bottle of bubbles to those you love most. There’s no secret, Champagne can be quite expensive, so for those on a budget look for top Australian Sparkling and give the same joy and pleasure at a much more affordable price point.

If you're still unsure, you can always get in touch with the team at iHeartWine who will gladly be able to help you out with some recommendations. Feel free to get in touch at admin@iheartwine.com.au and we can make your gifts memorable for all the right reasons.