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Serere Wines

To be bound, to be interwoven, to be entwined.Serere is the concept of bringing together the art of both viticulture and winemaking - each needing the other to create and craft great wine. Wine and food featured at the forefront of Joe's professional career, having mastered the culinary arts as a chef for 12 years, he turned his passion for creations of the palate to wine in 2010. After spending many years assisting and making wine for others, in January 2018 Serere was born out of a desire to continue to make wine, but instead for ourselves, and in a way which followed our philosophy. For us, Serere is at the center all things, as everything is bound to something else; soil to grapes, viticulture to winemaker, food to wine, and art to passion.
Serere Wines has a minimum order quantity of 6 bottles.
You can order any of their range to meet minimum order requirements.

Serere Wines wines


Serere Wines

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