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2021 Vino Intrepido 'Inherited Trait' Mildura Metodo Ancestrale Lambrusco


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Lambrusco is both the name of a wine from Italy, as well as a family of grape varieties used in the production of this wine. Though genetically connected each variety brings something a bit different to a wine, hence why they are almost always blends. The most traditional Lambrusco wines complete their fermentation in bottle, whereby the CO2 generated as a by-product is trapped in the bottle. Though slightly spritzy these are not aperitif wines, designed to be had with the food famous in the Emilia region.One of the only vineyards in Victoria where Lambrusco varieties are planted is the Chalmers Merbein vineyard, which also functions as a nursery. Fortunately, I was able to secure some Lambrusco Maestri and could not have been happier with the quality. After de-stemming and pressing the wine was fermented in stainless steel. As it approached completion it was bottled so the remaining CO2 could be dissolved in the wine to produce the bubbles.There are many ways to make a wine sparkling, but the most traditional and historic is performed when a wine finishes ferment in bottle. In Italy this is referred to as Metodo Ancestrale, or Ancestral Method. In the ancestral sense we inherit DNA and potential behavioural patterns from our ancestors, which is where I got the idea for the name of this wine, Inherited Trait. This traditional approach is also one that is passed down from one generation to another.

Region - Multi-regional

Type - Sparkling

Year - 2021

Winery - VinoIntrepido

Grape - Lambrusco

Volume - Standard - 750ml

About the wine

Tasting notes

Raspberries and sour red cherries, crunchy red apple and a lovely tart savoury spice texture.

Wine descriptors

Dry and Textured, Funky and Wild, Juicy and Fruity, Totally Smashable, Earthy and Savoury, Vegan Friendly, Vibrant and Exciting

Fruit aromas & flavour

Cherries, Red Berries

Other aromas & flavour

Herbals, Meaty, Spices

Body type




Food pairings





Red Meat







Spicy Foods

Cured Meats


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