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2021 Giaconda Estate Chardonnay

BeechworthWhiteAustralianHighly RecommendNew ArrivalsPrivate CellarFeatured Wines

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A 100 point masterpiece from Giaconda that is potentially Australia's first ever Grand Cru. An outstanding wine that has become one of the most rare and collectible wines in the country!

Region - Beechworth

Type - White

Year - 2021

Winery - Giaconda

Grape - Chardonnay

Volume - Standard - 750ml

About the wine

Tasting notes

Signature Giaconda with a nose of struck match, toasted curry leaf, ginger, stonefruits and citrus spiced with top tier oak barrels. It's powerful and intensely flavoured with impeccable balance and purity of flavour. Make no mistake, this is truly exceptional!

Wine descriptors

Captivating and Complex, Elegant and Fine, For the Cellar, Juicy and Fruity, Smooth and Seductive, Something Special

Fruit aromas & flavour

Citrus, Stonefruit

Other aromas & flavour

Florals, Minerality, Oak, Spices, Struck Match

Body type




Food pairings





Red Meat







Spicy Foods

Cured Meats


Expert review

Crystal clear with golden reflections and an incredibly complex, mineral and deeply aromatic nose that captures you entirely! It’s saline and savoury, with the signature Giaconda notes of burnt butter, salted popcorn, toasted curry leaf, coriander seed and ginger, surrounding white peach, pear, nectarine and citrus. The oak has taken a step back this time. In the mouth it’s textural, “tonesome” and explodes with refined powerful flavours that are defined by precision, purity and clarity of flavour. The fruit is the star, showing in ultra-high definition, with supporting roles from heavenly oak, bright acidity and mineral complexity that work off each other in a fantastic way. You can see every layer of this wine, every detail is as clear as day and it moves as one, from start to finish, with elegance and an unwavering confidence.

Wine Worth Writing About

The Grape


One of the most planted, versatile and popular white varieties in the world. As a stand alone grape, Chardonnay is not the most interesting, nor complex varietal out there...but in the hands of a great winemaker it can be turned into one of the world's greatest pleasures! From the best bubbles of Champagne, to the lean, unoaked and mineral expressions of Chablis and the opulent, oaked and complex whites of Burgundy, Chardonnay is responsible for making some of the greatest expressions of white wine on the planet.

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